Πρόεδρος ΤΠΨΤ

Kotzamani Marina – Associate Professor (Dep. Theatre Studies), DPDA, Chair

Marina Kotzamani is an Associate Professor of Theater and the Chair of the Department of Performing and Digital Arts at the University of the Peloponnese, Greece.  She is a researcher with a strong interest in combining theory with artistic practice.  Her theoretical work focuses on 20th century and contemporary performance analysis and reception and she has published in internationally acclaimed journals including PAJ (MIT press), Theater/Yale School of Drama and Theatre Journal .  She has done extensive work on the appropriation of cultural heritage, researching the modern and contemporary interpretation of Greek drama, with an emphasis on women and gender, popular theater , political theatre and site-specific work.  Indicatively, her publications have ranged from Lysistrata on the Soviet stage and on Broadway to Lysistrata on Arab stages, as well as Xenakis’s site specific and intermedial Mycenae Polytopon.  Kotzamani taught full-time for several years at the Classics Department of Columbia University and has also collaborated as a dramaturg with professional companies in New York City including CSC and La Mama.  At Columbia she presented The Weaver and the Web, a collaborative arts project on gender inspired by the Delphi Festivals, taking place on the internet (2003).  She has also curated visual art exhibitions and organised an International Conference on Xenakis in collaboration with the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.



Deputy Head of the Department

Tselikas Nikolaos – Professor (DIT), Deputy Head DPDA

Dr. Nikolaos D. Tselikas is a Professor at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Peloponnese. He received both his Dipl.-Ing. Degree and his PhD Degree from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 1999 and 2004, respectively. During 1999 – 2004 he was a research associate in the Intelligent Communications and Broadband Networks (ICBNet) Laboratory of NTUA. During 2004 – 2008 he was a senior post-doctoral researcher in the same Laboratory in NTUA. From 2006 to 2009 he was also a Visiting Lecturer, from 2009 to 2013 he was a Lecturer, from 2013 to 2018 he was an Assistant Professor and from 2018 to 2023 he was an Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Peloponnese (UoP). He has participated in several European and National research projects regarding network services and applications. His research interests include the research areas of creation and provision of telecommunications services in fixed and mobile networks, mobile applications, software and middleware technologies, open APIs, web technologies etc. He has collaborated in software design and development topics with big players in the telecom and informatics industry as well as with national and international universities and academic institutions. Dr. Nikolaos D. Tselikas has published over 100 papers in the pre-mentioned areas in international Journals, Conferences and Book Chapters and his work has received more than 1000 citations. His book “C: From Theory to Practice” is proposed as the main textbook for C-programming courses in approximately 50 Departments in Greek Universities and Technical Institutions. Since 2014, the book has been translated in English and it is available by CRC Press, while it is the recommended textbook in several Universities worldwide. He has been a member of several Technical Committees in international conferences and a reviewer in numerous international journals. He is a member of the IEEE and a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

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